Serving Amateur Radio operators in Alabama,Georgia, Puerto Rico, Florida, and U.S. Virgin Islands


Welcome to the new ARRL Southeastern Division Website!

The major website functions are installed and operational.
The next stages will mostly be focused on fit and function of the site as we clean up the elements that need to be reworked. This is a bit time intensive as each correction will require verification in several different forms to verify the user experience is matching, regardless of site types..
There have been related resource links added and background infrastructure built.  We will not be connecting directly to  social media services for privacy reasons.
There are several pages under construction where the Division elected and appointed leaders are described and listed. In addition, Section contact information has been provided as a means to guide to your localized resources.
The Division Leadership is actively bouncing ideas off each other on adding interactive services such as forums to support our amateur radio hobby. This would be a great opportunity for each to share your thoughts on sustaining hobby related topics. Let us hear your voice!
This is where you come in!  If you find an element that does not appear correctly, please drop us a note on the Contact form. With more eyes looking, we can expedite needed updates. Your voice is important!! 
Thank you!



The latest ARRL news has it’s own page which is constantly updated with news, information and resources published by HQ.