Serving Amateur Radio operators in Alabama,Georgia, Puerto Rico, Florida, and U.S. Virgin Islands



Mickey Baker N4MB

I’m an active amateur radio operator, licensed since 1970 as WN4PPI. I’m a Life Member of ARRL and have been a member 42 years. I’m a veteran of the US Army.

As a trustee for a number of repeaters, I have experience with FM, D-Star, DMR, Allstar, Fusion and other linking systems. I’ve built and operate a great HF station with antennas on a small farm in Palm Beach County, FL, where I have capabilities from 160m to 2.4GHz.
I was vice president and then president of the Broward Amateur Radio Club during a time when the club grew from 10 to 80 members. I restarted the Club’s Field Day tradition, raised money and replaced repeaters and installed links to other repeaters using RF and the Internet – AllStar Net and D-Star.
I’ve worked in technology my entire career as an engineer, a manager, a director and CIO. About half my career I’ve worked for technology companies in development, field and sales organizations and about half as a consultant and an IT manager. I’m currently Chief Technologist for a consulting company and I’ve specialized in consulting for Continuity of Operations. I have developed working Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations plans for some of the largest organization in the world.
I’ve worked in public service, often working with local governments in communities where there is activism and politics. I’ve navigated within these complex relationships to achieve significant change for the betterment of all. My style is non-confrontational and non-combative. I use respect for experience, intellect, knowledge and hard work to achieve respect from others and cooperation to achieve common goals.
I have a wonderful wife, two millennial (now in their 30’s) offspring, two grandsons and am an energetic 65 years old. We have Labrador Retrievers at home, AKC Champions and have a couple of puppy litters every year.